Assistive Technology + Adult Family Living

Assisted Living Services and our sister company Assisted Living Technologies have been offering complimentary assistive technology solutions to our Adult Family Living / Foster Caregiver Program (AFL) clients. The AFL program is relatively new and is under the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders (CHCPE) and Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Waitech tuesday remote monitoringver. It allows seniors another option to deal with the daily challenges of aging. The program provides the support needed to age-in-place with the assistance of a principle caregiver that lives in the home. The caregiver can be a relative of the care recipient as long as they are not a legally liable relative (i.e. spouse).

Assisted Living Services is a credentialed provider for AFL and has registered nurses perform visits that help support the Family Caregivers. “Sometimes we can address particular concerns they might have by offering a free wireless technology that can best address the issue,” according to Mary Scagliarini, RN, Director of the agency’s AFL program. “We have been using technology to help supplement care with a program the agency calls ‘CarePlus’ for years – and more recently for all our AFL clients as well,” said Mary.

Example: Complimentary Assistive Technology Helps Family Caregiver

For example, Nick D’Aquila, Technologies Specialist with Assisted Living Technologies, visited an AFL client that was at high risk of falling. “The client sleeps in his room on the first floor and his daughter, who is his primary caretaker, sleeps on the second floor,” said Nick. The father wakes up frequently during the night to use the bathroom without the daughter hearing him. There were several instances where he would fall during the night and not be heard for a period of time. “We provided a wireless bed pad sensor and alarm that alerts the daughter when her father sits up to get out of bed at night. She can now quickly assist her father to the bathroom while reducing the risk of falls during the night,” according to Nick.

If you would like to hear more about complimentary assistive technology through our CarePlus program for AFL clients, please contact Assisted Living Services.