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Our caregivers go above and beyond, so seniors can go on with life as normal.

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Our caregivers excel in compassionately supporting seniors with day to day needs, including feelings of independence,
Dignity And Respect

Part of being a great caregiver is acknowledging what another person is going through. Compassion is our passion. Caring for seniors in their own homes is about striking that intuitive balance between being there for support and providing enough space to enable them to go on enjoying their normal daily routines.

We take the time to get to know each client and work with you to develop a customized care plan. We also take the time to build relationships, matching our caregivers best suited to support each client.

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Our caregivers specialize in making life easier, healthier and happier in so many ways:
Personal Care
  • Personal Care is assistance with the activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, bathing, dressing, and grooming.
Meal Preparation

Whether it’s following the family’s guidance on weekly or monthly menus, planning for a special night or event, or preparing the ingredients, our caregivers are there to provide clients with the level of support they want and need to ensure time in the kitchen is a healthier and happier one.

  • Food inventory and organizing the kitchen
  • Follow menus and create a shopping list that are both healthy and familiar
  • With a meal prep strategy, choosing to eat a healthy meal is easy
  • Preparing the ingredients ahead of time ensures each meal is nutritious and ready to cook and serve
  • Spending time in the kitchen and trying out new recipes, cooking can transform into a fun social activity together versus a chore
Grocery Shopping

We work together to create grocery lists that include plenty of fresh and favorite foods. Grocery shopping becomes a much easier and even an enjoyable excursion out when you have great help. There may even be more stops along the way, like pharmacy for prescriptions, the drug store for hygiene products or cleaning products, or maybe a stop at the local bakery or farmers market. It’s the little things our caregivers are known to do that make life at home for seniors that much better.

Light Housekeeping
  • While many seniors still find caring for their home to be physically therapeutic and mentally gratifying, age and limited mobility make household chores a challenge. Our care plans are customized to ensure seniors have the assistance they want and need to maintain a clean, safe and organized home, just the way they like it.
  • Vacuuming, dusting, laundry, interior windows, washing floors.

When it comes to caring for seniors, companionship itself is perhaps the most important, particularly for seniors who live alone and find it difficult to enjoy life outside of the home. Having a friend, an ally, someone who can be there to enjoy games with, share meals, go on outings, to listen and talk with, take a walk, or simply sit and listen to music or watch a film. Whether it’s sharing the love of a favorite hobby or craft or just having someone there to listen, it’s the little things that make the greatest difference in the daily lives and overall physical, mental and cognitive health of our clients. Having people who care, that’s what matters most.

Communicating with family members and care team leaders
  • Our care managers can serve as an essential point of contact that provides feedback to family regarding a loved one’s overall wellbeing. Phone calls or video calls with family can be scheduled. It’s amazing the positive feelings these connections generate for family members who can’t always be there.
  • Our care managers and care coordinators are available to our homemakers and companions with 24/7 support. Together, we’re more like a care squad, with oversights and protocols in place to support our seniors, families, and each other.

Homemakers and companions make every effort to watch for and address any potential safety issues that exist in a client’s home to ensure their safety and well-being.

Transportation & Escorting

Supporting clients outside of home easily extends into a clients’ care plan. Whether it’s driving clients to doctors’ appointments, lunch with friends or attending religious services, taking clients shopping or on a stroll around the neighborhood, caring is more than getting a person from A to B safely. Great care is about providing a trusting and supportive relationship that enables elders to engage in the activities and social events they love and visiting the people and places they miss. 

Non-medical care is part of how we support your loved one’s daily needs, like providing a clean and safe home with a positive and supportive attitude. Emotional support and taking part in daily activities are incredibly important in creating not only a healthier and happier life but trusted relationships and even long-lasting friendships.


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Everything our homemakers and companions do is aimed at providing Connecticut seniors with a higher standard of living and better quality of life.

Our amazing schedulers are also extremely mindful to make every effort to send the same caregiver for each visit so that the best working relationship can be established and maintained with each client.

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