Live-In Home Care Services

We specialize in compassionate care & peace of mind, 24 hours a day.

When your loved one requires additional support, our home care services can evolve as a client’s needs do.

Once we establish that full-time Live-In Care is the right care plan, you can rest assured that your parent or loved one can go on living and thriving in the comfort and safety of home, with around the clock care.

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We specialize in best practices, processes and people.

We believe caring for seniors and ensuring they are supported both day and night takes streamlined care processes and best practices. It also takes compassionate people too. Like our Care Managers, Coordinators and Live-In Caregivers, who see their work with seniors not only as a rewarding job, but as a personal calling. Together, we work more like a care squad, with oversights and protocols in place to support our clients, their families, and each other, 24/7.

We also specialize in creating personal & trusted relationships.

Like all great relationships, we start by really getting to know each other. We do this through our Customized Care Plan. We see each and every senior as living with their own unique and special life circumstances and why each and every Live-In Care client requires special planning. That includes taking great care in ensuring each caregiver is specifically matched to best support a client’s unique needs, personality and level of assistance required. With 90% of our clients living with some degree of dementia, consistency with caregivers is essential to building trusted relationships that support the clients safety and well-being.

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We go above and beyond to become a caring and
Compassionate Advocate
and support system for seniors.

Our live-in caregivers primarily assist with personal care, support physical and emotional well-being, mobility support, transfers, and meal preparation. Our caregivers provide a safe home environment, provide medication reminders and report changes in your loved one’s condition. In addition, live-in caregivers keep a clean and safe home environment at all times.

Once a comprehensive care plan is in place, our Live-In Caregiver can provide the following support based on each client’s personal needs:
Personal Care
  • Personal Care is assistance with the activities of daily living such as personal hygiene bathing, dressing, and grooming.
Medication Reminders
  • Medication reminders can be provided to ensure that your loved one is compliant with taking prescriptions that are necessary to maintain optimal health.
Mobility Assistance & Transferring
  • Assistance with transferring and mobility is key to ensuring safety by helping to reduce the risk of falls, and also that quality of life is increased and maintained.
Meal Preparation
  • Meal Preparation is an important aspect of everyday life for an aging adult. Our live-in caregiver will cook nutritious meals according to a health care providers plan or the family’s dietary wishes.
Incontinence Care
  • Incontinence care can be provided to maintain dignity and self respect in aging adults.
Light Housekeeping
  • Light housekeeping will be performed daily as part of the care plan.
Safety & Companionship
  • Safety and companionship are both important and necessary tasks for our caregiving mission for aging in place.
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All of our caregivers can assist clients with “Activities of Daily Living” (ADL)

Even though our services are considered non-medical, our caregivers are empowered through both training and past experience to go above and beyond expectations for their clients.

To us, the most meaningful and important work in the world is assisting seniors with living the best life possible at home. Personal Care is also the most personal and sensitive task and why it matters that our caregivers are experienced and supported 24/7.

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