Assisted Living Services, Inc. solely provides nonmedical care


A: It’s funny that usually the first question people ask when they call us is…”How much do your services cost?” The reality is that we cannot answer that question until we assess your specific situation. This is where our free assessment service comes in. Once we know more about your particular situation, we can determine how best to meet your specific needs, along with the associated costs. We always offer to meet you in person, and we can even bring one of our staff for you to interview.

A: Yes. All non-medical homecare agencies in Connecticut must be registered with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. In doing so, they must abide by the regulations, which include having a Service Agreement with each client.

A: Most Long-Term Care policies do cover our services, however medicare does not. Generally this type of service is private pay. We are very familiar with other options which can help you, such as the Connecticut Homecare Program for Elders, the Aid and Attendance Pension for Veterans, and techniques such as reverse mortgages. For more detail on this issue, see our blog entitled “5 Funding Sources for Homecare in Connecticut.

A: Absolutely! We work within multiple Assisted Living Communities providing much needed personalized care. Sometimes clients may need that extra care within an Assisted Living Community, which is where we step in with one of our quality caregivers. Our caregivers follow all of the guidelines put forth by the community in order to provide uniformity with the standards of the organization.

A: Assisted Living Services, Inc. is proudly an employee-based agency. This means that we withhold and contribute to taxes, Social Security and Medicare, and we file all necessary tax reports. We provide worker’s compensation coverage to our employees, liability insurance and are bonded.

With a registry type agency, the client is responsible for paying worker’s compensation coverage and withholding and contributing to taxes, Social Security and Medicare. The client is also responsible for finding their own coverage when their current caregiver needs a break or days off. The cost may be slightly lower for a registry type agency but the liability is up to the client. Registries use Independent Contractors which by law cannot be supervised by an agency, we, in contrast closely supervise our workforce to assure quality of services.