Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Our rates are very competitive. In fact, our Homemaking Services cost $18.95 per hour. For extended hour Personal Care Services provided by a caregiver trained as a Home Health Aide or Certified Nurses Aide, our rate starts at $20.95 per hour.  The CarePlus Program entitles clients that use our Personal Care Services for 40 hours or more each week or 24 hour Live-in Services for one type of technology that best supplements care. For 24/hr. Live-in Companion, our services start at $249 per day.

The Connecticut Office of Policy and Management issues a report on Private Pay Long-
Term Rates annually. You can view the report here. The average pay rates for home and community-based services in Connecticut are:

  • Homemaker ($20 per hour)
  • Home Health Aide ($29 per hour),
  • 24/hr. Live-in Companion (TBD for 2016).

Home care in general is significantly less than care in a skilled nursing facility, for example, which averages $400 per day in Connecticut. We are proud that we have been able to provide Connecticut seniors with such high quality care in a cost effective manner – sharing this information just illustrates that we are completely transparent, honest, and open about everything we do. We want to earn your trust. So, you may ask yourself, why don’t our competitors share their rates on their websites?



Q: I’ve seen rates less than yours, either from another agency or an individual advertising in the newspaper? Why wouldn’t I want to spend less by doing this?

A: Our agency employs, trains and insures all of it’s own staff. There is a huge difference between an agency that has you pay an “under the table” caregiver directly as an independent contractor – plus an agency fee. If you use such an agency, you should discuss the associated risks with your attorney and accountant. Remember there are serious pitfalls if you become the employer – labor law issues, workers compensation issues, taxes, and having to find your own replacement coverage should your caregiver need to leave suddenly – just to name a few. We also do a comprehensive criminal background check and use e-verify to assure that our employees can legally work.



Q: What can I expect when I call to inquire about services?

A:It’s funny that usually the first question people ask when they call us is…”How much do your services cost?” The reality is that we cannot answer that question until we assess your specific situation. This is where our free assessment service comes in. Once we know more about your particular situation, we can determine how best to meet your specific needs, along with the associated costs. We always offer to meet you in person, and we can even bring one of our staff for you to interview.


Q: Is there a contract?

A: Yes. All non-medical homecare agencies in Connecticut must be registered with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. In doing so, they must abide by the regulations, which include having a Service Agreement with each client.


Q: Does insurance or Medicare cover this service?

A: Most Long-Term Care policies do cover our services, however medicare does not. Generally this type of service is private pay. We are very familiar with other options which can help you, such as the Connecticut Homecare Program for Elders, the Aid and Attendance Pension for Veterans, and techniques such as reverse mortgages. For more detail on this issue, see our blog entitled “5 Funding Sources for Homecare in Connecticut.