Why Choose Us?

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High Ratings From Our Connecticut Home Care Customers 

How did we become the best home care provider in CT? Assisted Living Services, Inc. is a small company that is big on quality assurance. We have one of the best Continuous Quality Improvement Programs in Connecticut and the following illustrates just how seriously we take it:

Measuring Quality Incentives for Exceptional Service

Assisted Living Services, Inc. looks forward to positive feedback from our customers and rewards good service with incentives. The company gives thousands of dollars each year towards rewarding employees who go “above and beyond” or who have perfect attendance. Managers also receive incentives if benchmarks are achieved on our Customer Satisfaction Surveys, which are done quarterly. We pride ourselves on delivering the best home care in CT.

2017 2nd Quarter Quality Survey

best home care in CT

Credentialed Member of the Care Network Link

Assisted Living Services is a credentialed member of the Care Network Link. Care Network Link is a part of the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut a nonprofit organization focused on assistance for aging and disabled individuals.

This video provides more information about Care Network Link. http://ow.ly/5aUR30aRvlq


We consider the hiring process extremely important since great staff are the foundation of any good business. Each prospective applicant is interviewed by a manager or owner (often by two people) using a formal process called “behavioral interviewing.” Each prospective employee has previous employment and character references, and then a National Criminal Background Check is performed which includes Motor Vehicle arrest records.

In addition, Assisted Living Services, Inc. is registered with the United States Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify Program. Using this database gives us instant results on employees eligibility to work as well as photo verification of identity. Our staff come to us from various work experience – from retired nurses, social workers, and nurses aides to homemakers who have cared for their own loved ones and want the satisfaction of knowing they are helping others.

Training and Orientation

All new employees receive a formal orientation and continuing education which includes company policies, customer service, safety, infection control, confidentiality, food preparation, Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens, and defensive driving.

Our managers do unannounced in-home visits to see how staff are doing and to assure that our clients are completely satisfied. Managers are also trained to inspect each home environment for safety issues.