Ron D’Aquila was the featured guest on WTNH News 8 recently and discussed some tips for traveling with seniors or special needs persons. Ron stressed that pre-planning is really the key to having a successful trip. Talk to your senior’s doctor, ensure prescription medications are available, and talk to the airline if necessary. Advance legwork will pay-off during your trip.

Specifically, during the interview Ron shared some technology solutions that can alleviate some of the stresses that may come with traveling with a senior. If wandering or getting lost is a concern, there are discreet GPS tracking devices available. Your senior loved one can wear an eResponder. The eResponder is a Mobile Personal Emergency Response System.  It’s a small, black necklace that is lightweight and waterproof, has a long battery life and acts like a phone. Also, Assisted Living Technologies offers Smart Soles. These shoe inserts can also track your senior if he/she becomes lost.

Staying on schedule with medications can also be a source of stress. An automated medication dispenser that can be pre-filled and provide reminders to assure that your loved one is taking their medications while traveling is a great tool to use.

We invite you to watch the 3-minute interview and learn more tips for traveling with seniors.

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