Did you know that every 4 1/2 minutes a stove fire ignites, causing more than 5,000 injuries and $1 billion in damage each year? (Source: NFPA) Stove fire prevention for seniors is an important part of caregiving.

Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that we are now offering FireAvert. FireAvert helps protect your home from the leading cause of stove fires in the United States – unattended cooking – by automatically disconnecting power to your range or stove in the event that fire or smoke are detected.

How does FireAvert work? It is simple to install.

  • Your stove is plugged into the wall via the FireAvert outlet.
  • FireAvert continually monitors for the sound of your smoke alarm.
  • When your smoke alarm sounds from food left cooking on the stove, FireAvert will turn off power to your stove before there is any fire.

This stove fire prevention technology is a great solution for your senior loved one who lives at home, still cooks, but may be forgetful. FireAvert protects your loved one and his/her home from stove fires day and night!

This video provides a visual demonstration of how FireAvert works.

If you are interested in learning more about stovefire prevention for seniors or FireAvert, please visit our website.