The new and long-awaited automatic fall detection pendant is now available from Assisted Living Technologies. The MyHelp™ with MyActiveAlert Fall Detection pendant is designed to help recognize falls and call for assistance if the personal help button cannot be pressed. We recommend a personal emergency response system for seniors and people who want that extra peace of mind. Our system not only provides help in case of a fall, but also assists with medical, fire and burglary situations.

With a push of a button, or when the MyActive Alert pendant recognizes a fall, you are instantly connected to a certified monitoring center that will assist you with your emergency. The certified monitoring center can connect you to a loved one, caregiver, or dispatch emergency services. View complete details here.

Features of MyHelp with MyActive Alert Fall Detection Pendant

  • Monitored by EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatcher) certified operators
  • 1-2 year battery life on the MyActive Alert pendant
  • 5-7 year battery life on personal help button
  • Instant family notification
  • Can also be used as medical, fire and burglary alert
  • Includes panic button range up to 1,000 feet
  • Base unit back-up battery provides power for up to 80 hours
  • Compatible with traditional phone systems, VOIP and Magic Jack
  • Available for use with land line or cellular technology

The MyHelp with MyActiveAlert Package Includes:

  • MyHelp Personal Emergency Response System
  • MyActive Alert Fall Detection Pendant
  • Wristlet Personal Help Button
  • Phone Cord

View this short video for more information on the fall detection pendant.

Please contact any of our technology experts at Assisted Living Technologies for more information on the fall detection pendant. (203) 235-TECH (8324)