CarePlus – Innovative Senior Care Technology Combined with a Personal Caregiver

Assisted Living Services, Inc. (ALS) is the first and only agency in CT with a program that we developed called CarePlus, which blends both care and technology to better serve Connecticut’s elderly or disabled population. Senior care technology is a great tool that can be used to improve safety and quality of life for people aging in place.

“We did a significant amount of research and we are convinced that advanced home care technologies that help elderly folks safely stay at home is the wave of the future – but we are not going to wait for the wave. We are making it happen now” says to Ron D’Aquila RN, Vice President of ALS.

How Does the Program Work?

This program entitles clients that use our Personal Care Assistant Services (40 hours or more each week) or 24 hour Live-in Caregiver Services to be eligible to receive one type of technology that best supplements care. For example, you may not need around-the-clock care with a PCA, however need to access help in an emergency when alone. With “Care Plus” we would provide the care during the time requested and add a Personal Emergency Response System,  Medication Management System, or Smart Caregiver System at no charge.

MyHelp Emergency Response System

Assisted Living Services, Inc. is offering the “Care Plus” program for one low fee of $19.95 per hour (minimum 40 hours per week) – which is actually a rate that is well below the average in Connecticut for a caregiver alone – according to a report done by the State of Connecticut Office of Policy Management which indicates that the average for just PCA Services for 2014 to be $29.00 per hour.

Competitors might criticize that this is a “shot in the foot” since it would be more profitable to encourage clients to obtain 24 hour care than to augment care with technology.  The reality is that in the majority of cases this will enhance care, reduce costs to the client thereby extending their ability to remain at home, and increase the peace of mind to family caregivers that cannot always be present to see how their loved one is doing.maya-black

Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. is a sister company that was formed in 2010 with a product line of technologically advanced products that help seniors age-in-place, such as automated medication dispensers, fall recognition and avoidance devices, personal GPS locators, and of course Personal Emergency Response Systems and Remote Monitoring Systems.