Health and safety concerns for seniors cause many families to stress about their loved ones living alone. Be assured that there are many options that can help your senior loved one live safely at home longer.

Below are some of the top health and safety concerns for seniors and how to address them:

  • Forgetting pots on the stove – Electronic motion-sensing detectors that connect to the stove continuously check for movement in the kitchen to ensure an active stove is not left unattended by cutting power to the appliance and sounding alarms.
  • Wandering — Motion sensors, GPS devices and other wearables can be invaluable if your senior loved one tends to wander.
  • Getting in and out of the bathtub or shower, using the toilet – A shower chair, hand rails, a handheld shower head, or if necessary, a Personal Care Assistant, can help with this function. Install a higher toilet seat and a hand rail – all of which can reduce the risk of falls.
  • Medication management is one of the main problems for the elderly.  Automated Medication Dispensers provide both visual and auditory cueing, and can even send a call to the patient as a reminder, as well as notify caregivers if a regimen is not being followed. Assisted Living Technologies has experienced compliance near 95 percent with clients across Connecticut who use these dispensers.
  • Difficulty with food preparation, light cleaning, and grocery shopping – A Homemaker can be scheduled for daily or weekly visits depending on client needs and preference.
  • Driving – assess whether the client has any conditions that may compromise his or her driving ability and maybe suggest a driving exam. A home caregiver can provide transportation.
  • Falls – For those at risk because they forget to use a walker when getting up from a chair or out of bed, wireless sensors can be installed to transmit a signal to a receiver that reminds the client with a recorded voice message to use a walker. The client is less likely to be injured by a fall that may require nursing home care.

Health and safety concerns for seniors can be addressed. There is a large variety of services, appliances and technological devices available to help people perform the activities of daily living. When choosing a technology device, just remember to focus on the actual tasks your loved one wants or needs to do. Generally, it is best to pick the simplest product available to meet the need. The device needs to be comfortable, cost effective, and simple to use.

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