During a recent holiday visit, families may have noticed changes in an elderly loved one that raises questions about his or her ability to live independently. Living far away presents challenges to providing help on a daily basis. What are some options for helping seniors live independently and safely?

As seen at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, innovations in personal care medical technology is skyrocketing. There are countless devices that can help the elderly with daily living chores and medication compliance.

However, the first step is to assess the current living situation of an elderly person to identify any areas of risk. Assisted Living Services can provide a safety assessment to ensure all areas of the home, especially the bathroom and kitchen, are free of hazards. Additionally, a caregiver from ALT’s sister company which provides home care, Assisted Living Services (ALS), can identify health issues that may actually be causing problems.

Start With the Simple Things

Start with the simple things, like getting a physical and eye exam and identifying medicines that may cause dizziness, balance issues or drowsiness. Then, reduce tripping hazards, improve the lighting, add railings where needed and supplement with wireless technologies and personal care if needed.

We want to help Connecticut seniors live independently, in the comfort of their own homes, as long as possible. For that reason, Assisted Living Services offers a program called CarePlus that combines technology and personal care. This can be an ideal situation for the senior living alone and a far distance from family.

Ron D’Aquila and Mario D’Aquila, from Assisted Living Technologies (ALT), recently joined FOX 61 Good Day Connecticut to talk about CarePlus and how technology and personal care are helping seniors live independently without breaking the bank. Watch the full interview here.



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