Seniors with a hearing impairment who live alone have a more difficult time staying tuned in to what is going on around them. That can include knowing when someone is at the door or that a smoke detector alert has gone off. But most older adults aren’t willing to give up their independence and move in with an adult child or to a senior living community. It can lead to sleepless nights for their families.

Fortunately, technology has made it easier for those with hearing loss to be alerted to events and emergencies in their home. One system that makes that easier is Silent Call. It can act as a virtual doorman for a senior loved one who lives alone.


Technology to Alert Hearing Impaired Seniors

The Silent Call Watch Receiver can alert the senior homeowner when they have visitors, calls, and emergencies.  A benefit of the system is that it is portable. It allows the wearer to move around their home freely while still remaining fully aware of what is going on around them. Other features of the system include:

  • A range of 250 feet
  • Distinctive display for each type of alert
  • Distinctive vibrator pulsing for each type of alert

The receiver can be used to notify the senior of a variety of activities going on around them including:

  • A visitor ringing the door bell
  • If the smoke detector has been triggered
  • A bed shaker feature in case the senior is sleeping when an alert goes off

The system is wireless so there are no worries about wiring or complicated installations.

If the senior you love has a hearing impairment and lives alone, we can help you create a safer home environment. Call us today at (203) 235-TECH (8324) for a complimentary consultation.

Photo Credit: Susan NYC via Compfight cc