The Alzheimer’s Association announced that a new bill was introduced in Congress on December 16 that would dramatically increase Alzheimer’s research funding! The bill proposes a historic increase of $350 million per year in Alzheimer’s research.

If this funding increase is signed into law, Alzheimer’s research funding will have doubled over the past several years to a level of nearly $1 billion per year!

Alzheimer’s research funding, what’s at stake?

The Alzheimer’s Association states that hundreds of our nation’s leading Alzheimer’s researchers have outstanding studies — studies that could yield the missing clues for treatments and care breakthroughs we’ve seen with other diseases — that have been held at the starting block for lack of funding. This increase will allow that work to move forward, bringing us that much closer to improvements in care and treatment, and ultimately an end to this disease.

The bill still has to make it through Congress and to the White House for the President’s signature. The Alzheimer’s Association urges everyone to call their congressional representatives and urge them to support this critical funding increase.

Click here to find your representative’s contact information.

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