Playing Games Benefits the Aging Brain

You’ve heard before that playing games benefits the aging brain. New research shows that “even in one’s 70s and beyond, simple activities including web-surfing, playing bridge and socializing can stave off mental decline.” The study looked at five types of activities that are thought to help keep the mind sharp: computer use; making crafts; playing games including chess or bridge; going to movies or other types of socializing; and reading books. The idea was to test if these activities could help prevent mild cognitive impairment.

Almost 2,000 adults aged 70 to 93 without any memory problems participated. The study showed that participants who engaged in the activities, except for reading, at least once Deck of Cardsweekly were 20 percent to 30 percent less likely to develop the condition over four years than those who never did those activities. Read more about the study here.

Assisted Living Services’ companions and caregivers understand the value of keeping the brain active through game playing, crafts and socialization. Our caregivers enjoy sitting down with their clients for a lively game of cards or computer game. Not only does the game playing have cognitive benefits, but also emotional benefits. Socializing and interacting may help in preventing sadness or depression.

Similarly, using senior care technology available from Assisted Living Technologies, aging adults can connect with family members virtually using Grand Care. Grand Care is a video monitor system that allows seniors to stay connected and socialize with their loved ones and more. This touchscreen system offers a simple way to video chat, message, send photos, view scheduled appointments, and much more with family and friends.

The bottom line…being engaged mentally is good for brain health.

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