Assisted Living Technologies is proud to introduce a state-of-the-art Medication Management and Reminder System called MedMinder. MedMinder provides technologies to enable seniors to maintain their independence and avoid long-term care facilities and hospitalization.

Adverse drug reactions and unintended overdoses account for 99,628 of U.S. hospitalizations of individuals 65 years and older, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Centers for Disease Control. Nearly 50% of those individuals were 80 years old and older. The study was conducted over the period 2007 to 2009 using 5077 hospitalizations.  Nearly two thirds of hospitalizations were due to unintentional overdoses (65.7%.1 to 71.3) in older adults.


MedMinder medication management system includes  a cellular pill dispenser that records user activity the reports to the MedMinder back end system. Accordingly, MedMinder provides reminders to the users to take their pills on time and informs families and care managers if dosages are missed.

MedMinder technology is proven to simplify medication management and improve medication adherence. MedMinder’s latest generation of pillbox, the Jon unit, has a locking function to ensure the safety and comfort for the users and their loved ones. No longer should you or your parents worry about overdosing or mis-dosing.

MedMinder Jon

MedMinder’s Pill Dispensers also accepts MedMinder-supplied pre-fill trays that could be filled by your pharmacist or caregiver. This feature greatly reduces the risk of medication errors and ensures all compartments are correctly filled.

To learn more about MedMider, or purchase one, visit Assisted Living Technologies.