Remote monitoring with CarePlusIf you are the caregiver for an aging family member or loved one, you may be dealing with the dilemma of balancing senior independence and safety with your own peace of mind. You know the senior wants to remain in their own home, but as a caregiver you want to make sure they are safe and healthy at all times. So how do you accomplish this?

Fortunately, technology has brought us options that weren’t available a decade ago. One such solution combines the human touch with the remote monitoring capabilities of technology. It is what we call Care Plus.


Care Plus is a unique solution available for Connecticut seniors. The program combines the in-home services of a personal care assistant with remote monitoring technology that allows caregivers to keep an eye on how their loved one is doing throughout the day.

A personal care assistant provides the support an aging loved one needs for a few hours a day, such as when they first wake up in the morning or when they are getting ready for bed at night. During the other hours of the day, the family caregiver can monitor the senior remotely.

The system can also send family members or caregivers an alert if an exterior door or window is opened in the middle of the night or if their loved one is up and down a lot during the overnight hours. All of these can help caregivers get help for a loved one before it is too late.

Assisted Living Services can help you balance independence and safety for your senior with remote monitoring. Click here for more information about our Care Plus program.