Assisted Living Services & Assisted Living Technologies Receive The Healthcare at Home Innovation Award

We are proud to announce that we have received the Healthcare at Home Innovation Award from the Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home.  The award is given each year to an agency that “embraces change and consistently strives to use new methods to optimize home health or hospice delivery.”  The award was presented at the Association’s annual meeting on October 18, 2016.

Healthcare at Home Innovation Award

Cathy Abercrombie, CT State Rep., Mario D’Aquila MBA, VP, Director of Business Development, Sharon D’Aquila, President, Assisted Living Services, Ron D’Aquila RN, President, Assisted Living Technologies

Assisted Living Services, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years providing home care services throughout Connecticut to the elderly and disabled.  In an effort to address some of the key issues impacting their clients most, such as: falls, rapid access to emergency care, medication compliance, wandering, social isolation, and home safety – a new company, Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. was formed in 2010.  It is through this sister company that a wide variety of wireless, sensor-based technologies are used in new ways to help people.

We developed a new program called “CarePlus” in which we combine direct caregiving with technology at no extra cost to our clients.  In addition, according to Mario D’Aquila, Vice President of Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. they have  worked closely with various agencies across Connecticut that serve the developmentally disabled and have been extremely successful at helping improve the quality of life of so many.  For example, through the use of technology “we have been part of a team to effectively transition numerous individuals living in group home settings to more private and independent community-based settings” said D’Aquila.  This has helped to improve quality of life while saving the State significant costs.

In the forefront is to work with Acute Care Hospitals, Rehabilitation Facilities, and Home Health Agencies across Connecticut to implement certain home care technologies that will help to improve patient outcomes and reduce re-admissions, such as the use of remote monitoring and video-visit systems.

Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. is the first and only company of its type in Connecticut (perhaps the United States) and helps over 500 clients each day – bringing peace of mind to thousands of family members and caregivers.