Ron D'Aquila Head Shot

Ron D’Aquila, RN

Assisted Living Services, Inc. is offering complimentary on-site “friendly” visits to the in-home seniors it serves to teach them how to use Wii Sports such as Tennis, Bowling, Golf, or Wii Big Brain games such as “The Price is Right.”  As clients express an interest in a visit we discuss the options and taylor our visit appropriately.  We bring everything necessary (equipment is small enough to bring in a shoebox), and can quickly hook up to most modern TV’s.  The rest of the visit will be so fun and new it will hardly feel therapeutic – but it will bring a form of gentile, low impact exercise to people who’s movement might be limited by injury, illness, or the aging process.  Also, our memory games can have cognitive benefits.  We have alot of interest already and this is part of a program offered through our sister company Assisted Living Technologies, Inc.   Tennis anyone?