Assisted Living Nurse Connecticut It is hard to believe the holidays are behind us and the New Year is rapidly approaching. Time marches on and often at a speed that feels too fast.

2011 is the year of the 65th birthday for the first of the Baby Boomer generation. This group of new senior citizens has often been labeled the “sandwich generation” as they are often caring for both children and aging parents. Many boomers have relied on home care services to help care for their parents.

Assisted Living Services, Inc. has been helping Connecticut boomers provide care to their parents at home as many prefer to age in place and live in their own homes or in retirement communities.  Boomers are often well versed in home care and will likely prefer this avenue of care for themselves when the time comes.

We at Assisted Living Services, Inc. are qualified to provide information to assist you in obtaining the right caregiver for yourself or your loved one. Our  live-in caregivers are trained as Certified Nursing Aides or Home Health Aides prior to hire. We insure and bond our caregivers, do background checks and check references. All caregivers we hire as our employees, we therefore take care of their taxes as mandated and provide workers’ compensation.

We are able to assist you with the information you need regarding the Connecticut Home Care program, Veteran’s Benefit or Long Term Care Insurance to provide financial assistance.

The staff of Assisted Living Services, Inc. wish you all a very Happy and Health New Year!

For more information about home care services or eldercare programs in Connecticut, contact us.