The term “aging in place” has received a lot of buzz over the past few years. As Baby Boomers began to reach retirement age, it became obvious they would set a new standard for retirement living. They have made it clear that they want to stay in their own homes and adapt their environment to fit their changing needs. Technology and supportive services like companion care and homemakers can work together to help older adults in Connecticut safely remain at home.


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Changes That Come With Aging

It is inevitable that as we age, our physical capabilities change. Part of helping an older loved one age in place begins with understanding what changes you should expect. They may include:

  • Changes in vision. That ultimately creates risks for falls and may limit or prevent a senior from driving.
  • Decreased fine motor skills and dexterity. This can be especially limiting if an older adult lives with a disease like arthritis or Parkinson’s.
  • Decreased muscle strength and flexibility.
  • Hearing loss especially high-pitched sounds like smoke detectors.

Solutions to Help Connecticut Seniors Age in Place

We’ve written many post over the months about technologies that can help you remotely monitor your aging loved one. And about systems that can help with medication management and wandering worries. The other side of the solution is support services from professional companions and homemakers.

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Companion and homemaker services are often the key to home safety for seniors.

They provide benefits and services such as:

  • Light housekeeping assistance to help an older adult maintain their home. They can also prevent the falls that sometimes happen when an elderly person tries to tackle these projects on their own.
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation to make sure a senior living at home can still eat a balanced, healthy diet. We all know good nutrition plays an important role in aging.
  • Transportation and escorting services are especially important to senior safety. Not only do they keep an older adult who isn’t safe behind the wheel from driving, but they help them stay on track with health appointments and important social activities. Everything from attending religious services to a night out at the symphony.

Companion and homemaker services in Connecticut offer older adults a cost-effective and safe solution to age in place in their own home. And they provide family caregivers peace of mind knowing their loved one has the help they need.

Are you a Connecticut caregiver? Have you tried companion care or homemaker services for your loved one? Tell us about your experience.