Assisted Living Technolgies LogoLast year the owners of Assisted Living Services, Inc. started a new sister company Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. The concept was that, with more elderly people living in their homes or community-based settings, there would be an increased need for technology to keep them safe.  Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. is the first business of it’s type in Connecticut and provides a wide variety of technologically advanced products which promote independence, safety, and improved quality of life for seniors living at home.  Our new website is now live at  The site is an on-line store and will soon have resource information, a blog, and a section on links to other informative sites.

Brian Luckhardt

The site is managed by our own Brian Luckhardt, Technologies Specialist. Brian has a degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology.  He installs many of our products such as the eldery alarm systems which remote monitor 24/7 a home and gives your client piece of mind so in the event of a loved one needing assistance there are real people on the other end who can help.