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Adult Family Living/Foster Care Program

Assisted Living Services, Inc.  is an approved provider for the Adult Family Living/Foster Care Program under the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders (CHCPE).

About the Adult Family Living Program

This important program has only been available in Connecticut for a few years. It allows seniors another option to deal with the daily challenges of aging. The program provides the support needed to age-in-place with the assistance of a principle caregiver that lives in the home.  The caregiver can be a relative of the care recipient as long as they are not a legally liable relative (i.e. spouse).

As a credentialed provider, Assisted Living Services, Inc. will:

  • Provide the caregiver with orientation, education, training, and on-going support by a Registered Nurse that visits regularly (usually every 6 weeks, or more frequently if needed).
  • We are required to assure that your home is properly maintained
  • Our goal is to make sure the Foster Care provider is meeting the health and safety needs of the participant.
  • We provide a tax-free stipend which depends on the Level of Care determined.
  • Payment is made weekly and can be by direct deposit for convenience.
  • Respite coverage for Foster Caregiver. Time off / vacation is available.
  • We have the resources, such as a Certified Dementia Care Specialist that can assist in certain circumstances.
  • CarePlus is available. This unique and innovative program combines caregiving and technology to help address client needs at no additional cost.  Technology that helps reduce the risk of falls, improve medication compliance, or improve access to emergency care are commonly provided.

The Adult Family Living/Foster Caregiver receives a non-taxable stipend based upon the level of care needed. We pay a tax-free stipend of up to $500 per week / $26,288 per year. 

For more information regarding this program, or how and where to make a referral please contact Lynne Schmidt at: 203-634-8668, or email

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