Wireless Central Monitoring System for Group Homes & Assisted Living

If you are the owner or Executive Director of a group home or senior living residence, this innovative and affordable technology is available to offer an extra layer of support for your caregivers. The 433 Central Monitoring Unit uses wireless technology to alert caregiving team members that a resident needs assistance. It has a range of up to 300 feet between the base and the resident’s room device.

The base unit is placed at the nurse’s station and can be programmed to accommodate up to 30 different residents. Residents are assigned their own unique number in the system. Each resident can have accessories customized to meet their individual needs. A custom solution can be developed to help with residents who are a fall risk and can’t get up from a chair or their bed on their own. Other residents might only need a nurse call button to use only in the event of an emergency.

Wireless accessories that are available include:

  • Motion sensors to detect movement in a resident’s room
  • Weight-sensitive chair pads with sensors that are triggered if the resident tries to stand up
  • Bed sensor pads and floor mats that can quietly alert caregivers if a resident is attempting to get out of bed
  • Individual nurse call button

The system works by sending an alert to the base unit that will display the resident number and which of their devices triggered the alert. Caregivers can choose between an alarm sound and a voice alert for the notification. This unit will work off of batteries or with an AC power adapter.


A convenient product that is available to work with the unit is the Caregiver Pocket Pager. It can be utilized if the nurse or aide will be away from the nurse’s station assisting another resident. The base unit will send an alert to the pocket pager letting the caregiver know that another resident is requesting help.

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