Mary Scagliarini, RN

Mary Scagliarini, RN, Live-in Service Coordinator

Team ALS Sets Goal to Raise $2000 for Alzheimer’s disease

Each year, the staff at Assisted Living Services, Inc. bands together to raise money for Alzheimer’s disease research. So far this year we’ve raised $925, which is 46% of our goal to raise $2000. The Walk takes place on September 29, 2013. As team captain, I’m excited that we’re almost 1/2 way to our goal!


Why We Walk

Alzheimer’s disease affects millions of American’s across the country every day – and it does not discriminate. Without better treatments, and eventually a cure, you, or someone you love, will inevitably be affected by this terrible condition.

We walk because we want to help prevent this disease from destroying so many lives. We walk because its one small thing we can do to contribute to the cause. We walk because we care. We walk because we can.

How Can You Help?

You can help by spreading the word. Share this page with your friends and ask them to get involved. Visit our Team Page and follow our progress, make a contribution, or sign up to join the team.

Let’s do this!!