Arthritis Arthritis Myths and Facts.

If you spend much time in the greeting card section of any department store you might be tempted to think Arthritis is just the aches and pains that come with old age.

When in fact, almost two thirds of those living with Arthritis are under the age of 65. As many as 300,000 children in the U.S. suffer from Arthritis.

I thought summer would be a good time to clear up the confusion and help debunk the myths about Arthritis.

MYTH: Arthritis is arthritis. It affects everyone the same.

FACT: There are many different types of Arthritis ranging from the most common form, Osteoarthritis, to lesser known types of the disease such as Raynaud’s phenomenon. Each affects every individual differently.

MYTH: People who have Arthritis shouldn’t participate in sports or exercise programs.

FACT: Daily exercise is one of the best forms of treatment for Arthritis. Any no-impact exercise that supports range-of-motion and flexibility will keep joints moving. That helps strengthen the muscles surrounding those damaged joints. Exercise also helps control the swelling and inflammation that causes so much pain for Arthritis sufferers.

MYTH: My diet doesn’t affect my Arthritis.

FACT: What you eat matters a great deal when you live with Arthritis. An unhealthy diet leads to obesity. Being overweight puts more stress on already compromised joints. In addition, some foods – fried foods, those high in salt and sodium – can also contribute to inflammation.

MYTH: Glucosamine supplements are the miracle pill for Arthritis.

FACT: If you’ve watched any late night infomercials you might believe those little pills are the cure. They are not. While they might offer short term relief from pain, they do not rebuild joints.

MYTH: If someone has advanced Arthritis, they aren’t able to live independently in their own home.

FACT: With supportive in-home services, such as grocery shopping assistance and help with household chores, most people with Arthritis can continue to maintain their independence.

If you are a Connecticut caregiver for someone living with the disabling effects of Arthritis, our companions and homemaker services can help. We can support your loved one’s independence by running errands, helping with household chores and preparing meals. Call us today at  203.634.8668 to learn more.

Photo Credit: theloushe via Compfight cc