Assisted Living Technologies was featured on CTStyle’s Tech Tuesday this week. Mario D’Aquila, Vice President of Assisted Living Technologies, and Lynne Schmidt, Director of Marketing for Assisted Living Services, shared how technology and personal care can help someone you love.

tech tuesday remote monitoring

Mario and Lynn spoke about how technology and personal care services can address the key issues that impact our senior population the most: Falls, Personal Safety, Medication Compliance, Wandering, and Social Isolation. Our goal is to combine the two — technology and personal care services — to allow seniors to age in place.

Assisted Living Technologies offers a wide variety of solutions for seniors and their families, including Remote Monitoring Systems. This system helps people keep tabs on senior loved ones without being invasive, and get alerts when there may be a problem that could lead to an emergency. The system tracks activity in the home and will send notifications to loved ones or caregivers if anything is abnormal or noteworthy with their activity. These systems also have the ability to provide a video-visit which is very user friendly.

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