June is Home Safety Month

The Home Safety council proclaims June as Home Safety Month. As home care providers in Connecticut, we at Assisted Living Services, Inc. use this time to again educate our staff and caregivers about safety at home.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one out of every three adults age 65 years or older will fall. In this age group falls are the leading cause of death. Even a fall that does not cause injury can limit the confidence of an older adult leading to a fear of walking and participate in activities.

Here are some tips for preventing falls:

  • Check home for proper lighting – especially hallways and staircases.
  • Use good outdoor lighting. Sensor lights work great for those times you leave in daylight and return after sunset.
  • Check for uneven walkways and fix.
  • Remove clutter from passage ways. Put electrical cords behind furniture out of the way.
  • Scatter rugs or bathmats without non skid backing should be removed.
  • Hand bars installed near toilet and in shower are very beneficial. Never use a soap dish or toilet paper holder for hanging on to, they are not made to support weight.
  • Reschedule appointments on icy or snow days. Keep driving to daylight  so you are aware of ice patches on driveway or  in parking lots.
  • Be sure to be aware of where your pet is, they can manage to get underfoot causing a fall.
  • Wear prescribed eyeglasses and hearing aids.
  • Keep your cane or walker nearby.
  • Wear proper fitting shoes.
  • Stay active. Exercise is the one proven way to maintain strength and good stability to prevent falls

To learn more, or for a free in-home assessment, contact us.

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Assisted Living Services
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