Ron D'Aquila Head ShotThere is legislation currently being proposed in Connecticut which would adversely effect the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders and current and future seniors needing assistance to live at home.  It is being proposed that the estimated 3,245 state funded elders will be required to pay 15% towards the monthly cost of their home care services.  Also, being proposed is that there will be a freeze on new admissions into the Program.

OK.  This is very simple and straight forward to anyone assessing the impact on these essentially budget cutting proposals —they will not save Connecticut money.  Instead they will drive low income frail elderly seniors into nursing homes faster.  In effect, the annual comparative cost to Connecticut taxpayers to keep these elders home on the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders vs. a nursing home will increase from $10,649 to $66,000!  Contact the Governor by email at or find your legislators’ contact info at: