Alzheimer's Action Plan Connecticut The country is desperately in need of a strong National Alzheimer’s Disease Plan and families dealing with Alzheimer’s can’t wait. You can help.

Alzheimer Disease is the most common form of dementia. It is the six leading cause of death in the US. At this time 5 million people have Alzheimer Disease or a related dementia, this number is expected to triple by 2050. In part because of the growing aging population.

President Obama has initiated a plan to have the government step in and help to find a cure and prevent this disease. One of the goal’s is for a timely diagnosis and another would be to improve support and training for families.

Families have been urging federal health officials to address the plan to help patients remain in their homes without ruining the caregiver’s health and finances.

It is not clear how these initiatives will be funded. I feel it is very important as a nation we make this commitment. Please join me and sign the petition urging the President to make Alzheimer’s Disease a national priority.

The goal of the Alzheimer Association was 90,000 signatures and since it was reached the goal has been raised to 250,000 signatures. Please sign onto this link it only takes a minute. Thank you.