One hope most seniors share is that they will be able to safely age in place in their own home. Rarely does any older adult get excited about the prospect of being required to pack up and move to a senior living community. One way adult children in Connecticut are helping honor the wishes of their aging parents is by utilizing the services of in-home companions and homemakers in combination with the latest technology.

Companions and homemaker services in Connecticut

Let’s start with companions and homemakers. There are some activities of daily or weekly living that need the hands-on support of a caregiver. They can help provide Connecticut seniors or those living with a disability care and support that includes:

  • Help with meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparations
  • Light housekeeping assistance such as vacuuming, dusting, loading the dishwasher, mopping floors
  • Transportation assistance to the grocery store, pharmacy, physician appointments and to almost all other events and activities
  • Companions can also read to older adults, play cards and games with them, write letters and more

On the personal care side of in-home support, caregivers can help clients with bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting.

Technology to Support Older Adults in their Connecticut Homes

There are a variety of technology systems and devices that can help keep your senior loved one safer at home. From simple devices to fully integrated smart houses, the options are plentiful.

  • BeClose Remote Monitoring: This budget-friendly system is straightforward and uncomplicated to use. It allows seniors to stay in their own home while making it easy for caregivers to use technology to check in. Sensors are discreetly installed in key areas of the senior’s home. They send messages to the base system as the older adult goes about their day and night. Families can use that information to determine what their loved one has been up to all day. If they’ve spent a lot of time in bed or on the couch, you can call to see if they are feeling well. The system will also alert caregivers if something unusual occurs. It might be that their loved one hasn’t gotten out of bed around their usual time or that an exterior door has been opened in the overnight hours.
  • VideoCare: A great way to help your family stay engaged with an aging loved one is the use of this system. With a simple touch of the screen, VideoCare launches. It allows you to video chat with your senior family member, send them reminders to take their medicine or get ready for an appointment with their home care aide, play games, check email and more.

There are also safety and wander prevention devices that can meet your senior loved one’s needs. Please call us at (203) 235-TECH (8324) and we will help you assess the situation and customize a solution.