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Flu Shot Myths and Facts

Flu Shot MythBusters Yes, the elderly should get a flu shot! For older adults, caregivers and other high-risk individuals, the influenza vaccine is the best

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Heart Month Banner
Health & Wellness

Heart Health Tips For Any Age

Heart Health – Not Just Once a Year, and Not Just for the Elderly February is generally the month our hearts receive extra attention –

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Caring For The Caregiver
Caregivers & Families

A Guide For Family Caregivers

Family caregivers are so important there is a month for them: November is National Family Homecare Givers month. Spearheaded by CaregiverAction.org, the group began promoting

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Memory Puzzle
Memory Care

Coping with Memory Loss

Struggling with memory, or losing one’s memory, is one of the greatest fears of both elderly individuals and their families. There are varying degrees of

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