Flu Shot Myths and Facts

Flu Shot MythBusters Yes, the elderly should get a flu shot! For older adults, caregivers and other high-risk individuals, the influenza vaccine is the best way to keep the flu bug from biting. Flu and the elderly are a dangerous combination. Complications from the flu in the elderly can [...]

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Falls in the Elderly and Resulting Injuries

Falls are one of the scariest accidents facing our elderly population. And with good reason. Injuries occur most often from falls. Each year, millions of older individuals—those aged 65 and older—fall. In fact, more than one out of four older people fall each year, but less than half tell their [...]

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Safe Senior Medication Management

Management of medicine – both for short-term use and for chronic care – can be overwhelming and is one of the most stressful tasks for relatives providing home care. Everyone understands that giving medicine correctly is paramount for the best, and safest, care. In the United States, clinicians have access [...]

2018-08-19T11:41:57-04:00August 14th, 2018|Categories: Medical|3 Comments

Shingles and Seniors: What You Should Know

Shingles is a disease that affects your nerves. It can cause burning, shooting pain, tingling, and/or itching, as well as a rash and blisters. The rash usually runs along an inflamed nerve and develops on one side of the body or face. Shingles is caused by the varicella or chicken [...]

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Antibiotics and Superbugs

Antibiotics and superbugs, is there a connection? Most definitely. Antibiotics have been depended on for fighting bacteria for nearly 100 years. And research has shown that our dependence may have gotten out of control. Overuse and misuse of antibiotics has caused antibiotics to lose effectiveness with certain bacteria. And this [...]

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Observation Status and Hospitalizations: What’s The Deal?

  So, You've been admitted to the hospital. Are you considered "inpatient" or are you on "observation status"? Hospitals have been increasing their use of the observation status with Medicare patients because Medicare penalizes hospitals for readmission of a patient with the same condition within thirty days. Medicare may not pay [...]

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The Shingles Vaccine Q&A: Should Your Elderly Love One Get It?

We all know the health care community encourages an annual flu shot. For older adults, primary care physicians also promote the pneumonia vaccine. But another preventative vaccination gaining more attention is for Shingles. Has your physician or your aging loved one’s recommended it? What should you consider before deciding whether [...]

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