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Falls in the Elderly and Resulting Injuries

Falls are one of the scariest accidents facing our elderly population. And with good reason. Injuries occur most often from falls. Each year, millions of older individuals—those aged 65 and older—fall. In fact, more than one out of four older people fall each year, but less than half tell their [...]

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Safe Senior Medication Management

Management of medicine – both for short-term use and for chronic care – can be overwhelming and is one of the most stressful tasks for relatives providing home care. Everyone understands that giving medicine correctly is paramount for the best, and safest, care. In the United States, clinicians have access [...]

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Senior Tips For Safely Enjoying The Spring Season

Each year we anticipate spring. Winter often is challenging both physically and emotionally. We are ready to move from the cold weather and enjoy the vibrancy of spring colors and the warmth of the sun. Spring gives us a new opportunity to be active and engage with others. Ensuring that [...]

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Holiday Blues for Seniors

Winter and Holiday Blues for Seniors Winter and holiday blues for seniors is a real concern and something to be dealt with. The winter season can negatively affect a person’s mood, especially the elderly. Colder weather keeps people indoors more and it gets darker earlier, limiting activity. Some seniors may [...]

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Your Retina and Alzheimer’s Disease

Your Retina and Alzheimer's Disease The Alzheimer’s Association recently reported on the connection between your retina and Alzheimer's disease. New research from Cedars-Sinai Hospital finds that a scan of your retina can reveal early indicators of Alzheimer’s disease. This is important news as nearly 5 million Americans live with the [...]

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Playing Games Benefits the Aging Brain

Playing Games Benefits the Aging Brain You've heard before that playing games benefits the aging brain. New research shows that "even in one's 70s and beyond, simple activities including web-surfing, playing bridge and socializing can stave off mental decline." The study looked at five types of activities that are thought [...]

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How to Be a Safe Patient

There are rising concerns over healthcare associated infections that can lead to sepsis and even death. These infections can be caused by devices used in healthcare and by bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. However, there are things patients, families and caregivers can do to reduce the risks. Centers for [...]

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The RIGHT Way to Approach Long-Term Care Insurance

Assisted Living Services is excited to have a guest blog on long-term care insurance from Connecticut Long Term Care Solutions Group. Many thanks to David Katz and Curtis Gunn for providing this valuable information on long-term care insurance. Six steps to the safe, affordable long-term care insurance you need 1. Consider [...]

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Dental Hygiene for Seniors

When you think about senior care, there is one important area that is often overlooked -- dental hygiene. Dental hygiene for seniors is critical and often can be symptomatic of other health concerns. Why Dental Hygiene for Seniors is So Important Dental hygiene is not just about having healthy teeth [...]

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