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Caregiving and Technology Strategies to Prevent Falls

A missed step. A stumble. Or just a moment of lost balance can cause a person to fall. For older adults – those 65 and above – falls are a serious health risk. From bumps and bruises, to fractures, to brain injuries, the outcome from a fall can be devastating. [...]

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Get the Help You Need With Care Network Link

Have you considered a membership to the Care Network Link? The Care Network Link is a one-stop resource to help you and your loved ones find the services you need to stay safe and comfortable in your own homes. Whether it is housekeeping, personal care, meal delivery, chores or modifications [...]

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7 Health and Safety Concerns for Seniors Living Alone

Health and safety concerns for seniors cause many families to stress about their loved ones living alone. Be assured that there are many options that can help your senior loved one live safely at home longer. Below are some of the top health and safety concerns for seniors and how [...]

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Helping Seniors Live Independently [VIDEO]

During a recent holiday visit, families may have noticed changes in an elderly loved one that raises questions about his or her ability to live independently. Living far away presents challenges to providing help on a daily basis. What are some options for helping seniors live independently and safely? As [...]

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Is Your Senior Loved One Safe Living Alone?

It is a question many adult children in Connecticut find themselves asking. Is my aging parent safe living alone? For most seniors, there comes a time when they will no longer be safe living alone without some form of assistance. But just the idea of tackling this subject with an [...]

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Stove Fire Prevention for Seniors

Did you know that every 4 1/2 minutes a stove fire ignites, causing more than 5,000 injuries and $1 billion in damage each year? (Source: NFPA) Stove fire prevention for seniors is an important part of caregiving. Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that we are now offering [...]

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6 Fire Safety Tips for Connecticut Seniors

When you are the adult child of an aging parent who lives alone, safety is always a concern. Family caregivers are often surprised at how much greater risk their senior loved one has of being hurt or fatally injured in a fire. Because of health conditions, slower reflexes and other [...]

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Companions, homemakers, and Technology: Keeping CT Seniors Safe at Home

One hope most seniors share is that they will be able to safely age in place in their own home. Rarely does any older adult get excited about the prospect of being required to pack up and move to a senior living community. One way adult children in Connecticut are [...]

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Emergency Preparedness for Connecticut Seniors

Get ready for winter 2013/2014 now! To our staff, clients, and family members: Remember these events? 2011- Hurricane Irene and the Halloween Snow Storm-  2012 Hurricane Sandy -    2103 The Blizzard with 3-4 ft of snow We were blessed this August and September with a quiet Hurricane season but [...]

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Fire Prevention Tips for Connecticut Caregivers

Talk with any experienced fireman and they will tell you that as we age, our risk of injury or death from fire increases dramatically. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has tracked just how great that risk is. For caregivers, the numbers are especially frightening. 900 people aged 65 or older [...]

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