CarePlus is a program developed by Assisted Living Services that offers the benefits of a personal care assistant and senior care technology.

If you are a caregiver for a Connecticut senior or a loved one who lives with a disability, CarePlus may be a tremendous help for you and your loved one. A care solution that combines personal care with technology can be a way to help them get the support they need while maintaining independence. For most of us, staying independent is an important part of maintaining feelings of self-worth and dignity. Preserving both helps seniors and those living with a disability enjoy a higher quality of mental health.

How CarePlus, Personal Care Combined with Technology, Can Support Your Loved One

This 2-part, layered approach to managing a loved one’s needs begins with the personal touch. A certified personal care assistant (PCA) provides in-home assistance with personal care and medication management. Companions and homemakers are also available to support needs that clients can’t safely manage on their own. These may include meal preparation, grocery shopping, transportation to physician appointments, housekeeping and more.

During the times when the PCA isn’t there, technology can help to fill the gap. A remote monitoring system such as BeClose can be combined with an interactive system like Video Care to provide you peace of mind that your loved one is safe at home.

BeClose works off of sensors installed in key locations throughout the home to monitor a loved one’s activities throughout the day and night. It can alert caregivers if a window is opened in the middle of the night or if their activities are unusual.

GrandCare allows family caregivers to have “face-to-face” calls with each other without using a computer. The easy to use system works off of touch technology. Neither a keyboard nor mouse is required with GrandCare. It also gives loved ones a way to set up reminders about physician appointments, family events and important activities.

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