Why Are So Many Scams Targeting Seniors?

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Why Do Scammers Target Seniors? Every week we read new reports of widespread scams targeting seniors that cost them their hard-earned money. You might wonder: why do these scams seem to particularly affect senior citizens? [...]

Do You Worry About Medication Mistakes?

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Medication Mistakes Understanding the dosage and frequency of your medication is important in preventing medication mistakes. Regardless of your age, it is very easy to forget to take your medicine, or not remember if you [...]

Complimentary Assistive Technology for the Adult Family Living / Foster Caregiver Program

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Assistive Technology + Adult Family Living Assisted Living Services and our sister company Assisted Living Technologies have been offering complimentary assistive technology solutions to our Adult Family Living / Foster Caregiver Program (AFL) clients. The [...]

Assisted Living Technologies Featured on Good Morning CT!

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Assisted Living Technologies Featured on Good Morning CT! June is National Older American’s Month and caring for older parents is something that millions of Americans deal with on a daily basis. Vice Pres. of Assisted [...]

Belle+ Emergency Alert Pendant Now Available

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The Belle+ 3G emergency alert pendant with fall detection, GPS and WiFi location technologies is now available at Assisted Living Technologies. This new emergency alert pendant is ideal for active seniors, providing confidence to live [...]

Welcome New Staff to Assisted Living Technologies

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Assisted Living Technologies welcomes Nick and Diamaris to the team! Nick D’Aquila Special Project Manager / Technologies Specialist Assisted Living Technologies, Inc. Assisted Living Technologies welcomes Nick to the team! Nick has his Bachelor’s degree [...]

Assisted Living Services Celebrates 20 Years

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Assisted Living Services recently celebrated 20 years of service. We are thrilled and honored to be a part of the CT senior care community. Thank you to all of our employees, clients and client family [...]

7 Health and Safety Concerns for Seniors Living Alone

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Health and safety concerns for seniors cause many families to stress about their loved ones living alone. Be assured that there are many options that can help your senior loved one live safely at home [...]

Helping Seniors Live Independently [VIDEO]

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During a recent holiday visit, families may have noticed changes in an elderly loved one that raises questions about his or her ability to live independently. Living far away presents challenges to providing help on [...]